Capture the Magic of a true BEAT ‘EM UP!
Jitsu Squad™ is a 2D style 4 player co-op BEAT ‘EM UP action adventure similar to the classic arcade games from back in the 90’s. The concept for Jitsu Squad™ started years ago when Dave Baljon (Founder of TCS) had an idea to create the ultimate action brawler/BEAT ‘EM UP, a genre that he loved so much while growing up. Now decades later Dave joins forces with Sebastien Romero (Lead Animation & Music/Sound composer)

The game will be available for:

Arcade_03 NintendoSwitch PS4 Steam

Release: TBA


Jitsu Squad™ stands out for its huge cast of unique hand drawn colourful character design/artwork, rip-roaring story, top notch 2D animation, in-depth backgrounds and killer soundtrack/effects.




Challenge the forces of evil in a single quest or join your friends in a up to 4 player co-op action adventure. Become stronger and master new character skills, unleash your inner Fury, collect dozens of powerful weapons and power ups to crush the enemy, defeat memorable bosses, master the difficulty and unlock the many secrets hidden in the game to take down the wicked sorcerer and become savior of the galaxy.
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